“Drew is dynamic, informative, and somehow makes all that learning seem fun. He received the highest satisfaction scores of any speaker we’ve ever had at our national conference. As one participant wrote “we could use a whole day of Drew”! We will definitely be inviting him back. Our members would revolt if we didn’t!”

    Cyndi Menzel, National Education Association

    “Whenever I have a question about how other agencies are dealing with a specific problem, I know the answer I get from Drew is one I wouldn’t be able to get from anyone else, because of the number of different agencies that he has access to. He’s a good barometer for how other people in my position might look at something.”

    Scott LoSasso, LoSasso

    “When I need a thinking partner, I call Drew. When we need fresh ideas that will delight our audience, I call Drew.  MMG has been my go to marketing partner for a long time. I may change jobs but I don’t change agencies! ”

    Katy Mackay, Tyndall Federal Credit Union

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