Agency Owner

Drew isn’t fit to work anywhere but an agency. Or at least it’s safe to assume that since he’s been a part of agency life for over 30 years.

He launched the agency in Des Moines and that still remains the home base and that’s where the core team still lives and works. As they’ve grown and needed team members with very specific talents — we’ve also added team members who office from their home city — be it Boston, Houston or Vegas. Thanks to technology and the fact that their clients are as scattered across the country as our team — it works without a hitch.

MMG is blessed with a team that has an average tenure with the agency of over 13 years. They (and their clients) love that consistency! Everyone on the MMG squad has over a decade of experience so you can count on senior level service and strategy.

Their culture is defined and guided by their core beliefs. These haven’t changed since  1995.  If anything — they believe in them and work to live by them even more than when they started.

  • Passion cannot be ignored.
  • Breakthrough thinking breeds breakthrough creative.
  • The guys in the white hats do win.
  • We take our work seriously. Ourselves, not so much.
  • We give back in big ways.

Drew and his crew at MMG believe that their philosophy about marketing says a lot about how and why they do the work they do. It also tells you a lot about them as people.

They know the work they do is important. And they take it very seriously. But that doesn’t mean they have to take ourselves seriously. They’re a casual, comfortable group of highly professional and talented people. They work hard. They make a difference. And Drew is very proud of the team, their clients and their work.

But they like to cut loose and play hard too. The good part about that is they’ll invite you to come along.

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